Love, Passion, Crypto, Community, and Music – We connect the world!

Welcome to Cryptoradio.FM

Hello and welcome to Cryptoradio.FM, where we connect communities with Love, Passion, Crypto, and Music. This is our Semi-Professional Startup Radio, which has already got some great attention from massive musicians and Crypto Projects. With a variety of music from all around the world, for people all over the world.

Cryptoradio.FM is located and licensed in Crypto Valley Switzerland, walking hands in hands with the United Kingdom, mecca of so many music genres, talented artists, and super stars. With you, the community, the circle is complete.

24 hours a day of fantastic music and crypto related shows, podcasts, ads, and events. Sit back, put your feet up, enjoy the sound, whilst you dive into crpyto.

We listen together.

Not only do we listen together to our radio shows, but the team behind Cryptoradio.FM listens to the audience’s wishes, and so we grow together.

We support each other.

We’re a registered radio station that plays big hits and pays royalties, but we also mix artists from the CRFM community into the playlists.

We are smart together.

Crypto is not a niche anymore, but a radio station advertising crypto is. We love crypto artists, music, shows, news, and ads about new stuff!

We are connected.

Standing up in the morning to the coffee playlist, knowing many other people share your passion out there and are also listening right now.